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Switch Hoods

Switch Hoods was founded in 2018 during a family vacation to Arizona. One night during the trip My brother and I were discussing business philosophy.  Realizing we each had a unique set of qualities complementing each other, we got a crazy idea and…

BOOM, Switch Hoods was born!

 We would spend the next year working on product ideas we felt were different, unique, and something that brought new options to the apparel industry. Jim and I have both been entrepreneurs at heart since a very early age, a trait we got from our father.  We both share a tenacity to turn ideas into products and services that people desire.

Jim’s career started over 30 years ago working for our father's business.  Since, he has founded a wide range of companies, including 4 retail brands currently under his belt.  Jim is creative, hard-working, and never ever gives up when difficulty strikes. He is definitely a role model I’m most thankful for…..and not too bad of a big brother either!  

My name is Brenda, and I own a Clothing Boutique in Mankato, Minnesota.  I’ve owned my business for 6 years, and absolutely LOVE what I do.  However, something was missing, as I’ve always wanted my own label.  The idea of creating a line that allows flexibility women will love, affordability they will appreciate, and exclusivity that will make all their options unique are the foundations for which Switch Hoods was built.

Together, Jim and I bring very different qualities to switch hoods.  Jim has vast experience working with manufacturers to assure our products exceed exceptional quality standards while maintaining affordability.  He is brilliant with e-commerce, marketing, and forecasting.  I, on the other hand, hate computers, but love customers and love Apparel!  I’m the design force in the duo, and my expertise is creating essentials that give women fashionable, flexible, fun clothing that not only fits well but is comfortable and unique. 

Together we have created Switch Hoods to be an affordable exclusive brand, which customers won’t see in every other boutique.  Our pieces will be produced in limited quantities, while the flexibility in our interchangeable hoods will make the choices diverse.  

Welcome to Switch Hoods

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